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XANGO Reserve

Leading with advanced quality processes, XANGO consistently creates new standards of purity and greater levels of satisfaction. XANGO Reserve is the all-natural result of finely developed processes: an improvement beyond greatness. Reserve offers our most exclusive form of exotic flavor and Asian tradition. Limited and premium, it delivers sophisticated, full-bodied flavor that borders on perfection. Enjoy our richest and most refined juice, crowned with XANGO’s highest concentrations of natural phytonutrients.

Saturating our original XANGO formula with 20% more mangosteen goodness, our new puree delivers distinctive satisfaction and superior wellness through increased concentrations of xanthones, catechins, flavonoids and proanthocyanidins. As the delicate descendent of our premium fruit puree, XANGO Reserve stands lustrously as the standard for elite evolution.

Reserve is perfect for special occasions. Break it out for a celebration, share a bottle with someone extra-special, or serve it to impress an important guest. When you really want to make a statement, XANGO Reserve is sure to allure.

While supported by the same science and research as the original XANGO Juice, Reserve’s higher mangosteen concentration naturally offers an even greater amount of phytonutrients.

  • The nutritional attributes of the mangosteen fruit
  • A category-creating, market-leading, premium beverage
  • The harnessed power of xanthones – one of the mangosteen’s powerful, biologically active components
  • A flavor experience unlike any other

I started consuming the recommended serving of between 3-6 ounces a day. Within a few weeks I was able to get out of bed in the morning without crawling and cautiously holding on to furniture for extra support. Within 2 months my pain was gone. Interestingly, I went off XANGO (as an experiment) recently, and ALL my symptoms returned within 4 weeks, full-blown! The joints in my fingers began to swell and hurt and my lower back morning stiffness returned. Suffice it to say, at the ripe old age of 44, I'm a XANGO juice user for life.


My brother tried to share this juice with me, but it wasn't until I suffered from chronic health problems that I decide to really try it. My doctors couldn't help me, but in just 10 days, two oz per day, I was feeling better. I feel extremely blessed that it took so little to vastly improve my quality of life. I'm a middle school math teacher, and have been drinking one or two ounces for the past 5 years now. I have great energy and I haven't had any sick days. If I start to feel less than wonderful, I take more XANGO juice. I am so grateful, and feel ethically bound to share this amazing juice!


I was introduced to XANGO Juice almost 2 years ago. The impact on my conditions has been dramatic. I now have a quality of life I never thought would return to me. I had taken everything on the market for my health condition with horrible side effects. I knew that I could survive the health problems but the side effects from medications nearly cost me my life 5 times. But I no longer have the symptoms of my conditions as long as I continue with my juice. I sleep well, have energy, mental stamina and clarity...I will have a life-long relationship with this product.


Hi everyone, I am a returnee to XANGO Juice after leaving for about 1 1/2 years. My story is simple. After getting off the juice for that length of time I noticed my health going down hill. I was constantly sick and in pain all the time. I let this condition go on for quite some time then I got really sick with something that almost put me in the hospital. It was then and there that I decided enough is enough. Within 2 weeks of receiving my first order of juice and 3SIXTY5 vitamins, I noticed my energy coming back and a tremendous growth in my stamina. I work as a truck driver and move a lot of heavy freight all day. I now go to work with a much better attitude, with less stress. Thank you XANGO.

Al & Paula

We were introduced to XANGO by my physician. From now on, it is what we reach for when we have a health issue. Drugs are a last resort for us! We are so grateful and blessed that we have a 'natural' alternative with no side effects to be healthy!


In a matter of days, I was sure I was sensing an energy increase and then in 2 months, it dawned on me that I was actually hurrying somewhere in a fast walk instead of a slow painful pace. I am convinced that our bodies cry out for natural foods to answer our medical problems. Our taste buds have become our enemy and got us into a lot of trouble. At least that is true for me. It isn't to late to find health again. I never thought I would enjoy my grandchildren like I do now and trying XANGO juice was the best thing I ever did.


XANGO Juice changed my life. When you lose your health, you have lost everything. It changes everything about you...your career, you passions, your relationships. It affects your self-esteem and your finances. My health challenges have been relieved 90% because of this juice. I am able to exercise daily. XANGO Juice was the piece of the puzzle that I had been desperately searching for, for over 15 years.


I am so grateful for the presence of this juice in my life and never want to be without it. I’m glad I overcame my initial skepticism because today, at age 70, I function far better than at anytime since I was 47.


I have been drinking XANGO for almost two months now. Almost immediately I noticed an increase in energy. I have three kids under the age of 5 and am still breastfeeding my youngest. Before XANGO I would have to take a nap everyday just to make it through the evening. I felt depressed and overwhelmed. Now I sometimes lie awake in bed unable to fall asleep but still feel awake and refreshed in the morning. There was a time in between shipments where we ran out of juice and my husband and I were short tempered and quick to snap at our kids. I am so grateful for the increased energy and ability to handle stress. Even my kids love the juice. I have noticed that my 4 year old has been having fewer meltdowns lately as well. It really has been a benefit to all of us.


My energy was NOTICEABLY higher after only THREE days. Nothing ever before has had such a broad and remarkable effect on my health. To all of you still sitting on the fence, my wife and I were huge skeptics too. All I can say is, knock yourself out with tons of research online. You have NOTHING to loose and EVERYTHING to gain. Try it!


It wasn't until a year after I retired from the professional circuit that I found out about this "mangosteen juice." My aunty called me from the USA and told me all about it. Afterwards, there were three things that stood out to me: 1. It came from a natural source (fruit) 2. It didn't contain any banned substances (drug-free) 3. It was a juice (no more pills). Well, I was hooked straight away and three days later I had my first case of XANGO arrive at my door by courier. We've been drinking it ever since. That was four years ago. Its like a one-stop shop of wellness. I've never seen anything like it before. And, I only have to take it once a day... 30 mLs in the morning is all I need to start my day rejuvenated and energized.


Since drinking XANGO’s whole fruit mangosteen juice I've noticed a significant improvement in my immune system. I work around children a lot at a school and church and frequently got respiratory ailments. Since I've started drinking the juice I am a lot more healthy and have significantly reduced my antibiotics. For me that's amazing. I feel so much better. Praise God for the mangosteen fruit.


XANGO has brought my energy level back up to normal. I can now clean my house, do laundry, and manage 4 children (and a husband) again, which makes my family and me very happy.


Would I recommend XANGO to others? Without hesitation. I actually tell people that I will stop eating before I will stop taking my mangosteen juice! If I had been skeptical and refused to try it, where would I be today? I am so glad I thought, "What have I got to lose? It's worth a try."


XANGO Advice 101: Never go on vacation without the proper amount of juice! We were gone for 10 days camping in Austin, MN....I did not pack enough XANGO Singles for my husband and I. So I did not take any and let him take what we had. By day 7 my body knew it and I ached all over and so tired. Count out how much XANGO you need for your trips....I learned my lesson :)


I've used XANGO through my three pregnancies and you know, you have to be so careful what vitamins or medicines you take because it might be harmful to your baby. But I was able to drink XANGO Juice to maintain my health while my baby was in my tummy and then after the birth when I was breastfeeding, and all the while knowing that it was safe for both of us.


I have been drinking two ounces of XANGO Juice a day for a short time and am no longer having joint problems like I used to. I feel great. I also have more energy.


I started drinking XANGO in September of 2004. I had suffered from insomnia for a number of years. From day 1 of being on the juice, I have been able to immediately go to sleep and stay asleep. I have now experienced amazing sleep for 5 years and I look forward to many more.


I have been so impressed with this juice! I have been drinking my two ounces each day, and already after just one week, I have noticed a huge change in my body. It's helped me with my skin in ways that no other products have. This juice is great, and if it does so much for an issue OUTSIDE my body, imagine what it is doing to my insides! YEAH!


I have been taking XANGO since June 2010. After taking 1 oz three times a day for 3 days I could tell a difference and it tastes great! My energy levels improved and after drinking 2oz three times a day for 3 weeks I was dramatically better. I have been unable to work since March 2008 because of health problems. I was either on the couch or in the bed from March 2008 - June 2010. That's a long time! I felt so heavy and hurt all over. I had no energy. But after the 3 weeks of drinking this juice I was up and about, back to church on a regular basis and I have energy to smile and can carry on a conversation now! I feel that this is something that could help anyone!

XANGO® Juice is the nectar of health you’ve been waiting for. Or at least it’s the best way to get your daily dose of xanthones. What’s a xanthone? So glad you asked. Those little guys, the partial namesake to XANGO, are what’s making your respiratory health, immune health, intestinal health, joint health—and just overall health—better every day.* It might seem like a tall order for just one organic compound, but fortunately, there are 40 different types of xanthones found in the mangosteen. And each bottle of XANGO Juice—including our prestigious XANGO Reserva brand—contains proprietary, pureed mangosteen fruit. And yes, it’s pretty delicious, too.

What is XANGO Reserve?
Reserve offers a refined mangosteen experience delivering more mangosteen content and an incredibly smooth, rich and complex flavor. Supported by the same science as XANGO Juice, Reserve is ideal for special occasions and celebrations where it’s sure to impress.
Why does XANGO Reserve taste different than XANGO Juice?
XANGO Reserve’s flavoring system was a custom creation in which XANGO Founders participated personally. Due to higher mangosteen content, other fruit juices were used in balancing the flavor into what it is today. The flavor captures the Founder’s vision for the Reserve brand as a sophisticated, upscale and refined product.
What science exists on XANGO Reserve?
XANGO Reserve is supported by the same science and research as our original XANGO Juice, yet Reserve’s higher mangosteen concentration naturally offers a great amount of phytonutrients.
Is it ok to take XANGO Juice and XANGO Reserve together?
Yes, you can enjoy the benefits of mangosteen from XANGO Juice and XANGO Reserve together.

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Quantity:  Four 25 oz. bottles/case