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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQs are separated in three sections: XANGO® Juice, Eleviv, and XANGO, LLC

What is XANGO Juice?
What are the ingredients of XANGO Juice?
What are xanthones?
Why the name "XANGO"?
Where does the mangosteen fruit come from?
Is the harvesting of the mangosteen fruit environmentally friendly?
Is the amount of xanthones per bottle standardized?
What is the recommended intake of XANGO Juice?
Are there any preservatives in XANGO Juice?
Are sugars used in XANGO Juice?
Does XANGO Juice contain potassium?
Does XANGO Juice contain MSG?
Does XANGO Juice contain gluten?
Does XANGO Juice contain vitamin K?
Does XANGO Juice contain any sulfur?
Does XANGO Juice contain any silicates?
What is the pH level of XANGO Juice?
Should I continue taking vitamins and minerals if I drink XANGO Juice regularly?
Is it safe to take XANGO Juice with medications?
Is XANGO Juice safe for everyone?
How safe is the production of XANGO Juice?
Is XANGO Juice pasteurized or heat processed?
Why hasn't a mangosteen beverage been brought to market until now?
Is XANGO Juice FDA approved?
What is XANGO Juice's shelf life?

How does metabolic balance relate to our well-being?
Are there medical interactions we should understand?
What results can most people expect?
How do XANGO Juice, 3SIXTY5, and Eleviv work together?
What scientific research has been completed for Eleviv?
How does the ingredient combination increase vigor?
What does your vigor score mean?

Who is and what is its affiliation with XANGO, LLC?
How can I become a XANGO distributor?
I am already a XANGO distributor, can I get a website?
Why network marketing (direct marketing)?
What does offer its members?
What is the Back Office used for?
Is the site secure?
How do I join the Team?
Can I order product without signing up as a distributor?
What are the costs involved in becoming a distributor?
Are there other financial obligations or requirements for distributors?
What do I get when I sign up and pay the membership fee?
Am I able to personally sponsor more than three people?
How much money can I make as a XANGO distributor?
What kind of investment is expected?
What is Auto Delivery Program and how does it work?
Do I have to order product every month?
If I sign up on ADP can I change my option (for example $100 to $200)?
What are PowerStart and Unilevel commissions?
How much is paid out on each order?
What is the Global Bonus?

Who is XANGO, LLC?
Why does XANGO use network marketing to distribute its product?
Is XANGO prepared for all that growth?
Where are the company headquarters?
What charities does XANGO'support?
What is XANGO's policy with respect to collecting and remitting sales tax?