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Meal Pack (40 Meals)

A unique, water-soluble formula that delivers all the critical nutrients in a way that malnourished bodies can best absorb and utilize.

Every Meal Pack continues to provide meals to millions of undernourished children and families the world over – and we continue to expand our reach into other populations in desperate need.

Rich in nutrients for the severly malnourished XANGO Mealpack is a concentrated source of carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins and minerals.

  • Provides needed sustenance to the malnourished through a formula that requires only adding water
  • Increases satisfaction through positive association of changing lives and giving back to worthy causes
  • Become recognized for your efforts to enhance and save lives

Giving is a core element of XANGO’s mission. It’s been an essential part of how we do business from the very beginning.

Traveling to diverse locations around the globe on Goodness missions, XANGO Founders witnesses firsthand the hunger epidemic affecting many. Moved by what they saw, they learned of the troubling paradox of the malnourished: their bodies were unable to properly absorb the nutrition being provided.

So, collaboratively, they launched a development program to engineer an innovative meal replacement – targeted specifically to help younger children and their families.

Supplement Facts
Why has XANGO decided to launch this product?
This product is an extension of XANGO’s worldwide charitable initiative known as XANGO Goodness. Since its inception, XANGO has mobilized its customers and employees through XANGO Goodness to make a tangible difference in the welfare of children and families all over the world. The XANGO Meal Pack program is the next step in empowering XANGO customers to help meet the needs of some of the most impoverished areas of the world. It also helps answer another frequent question we receive from customers, “What more can I do?” This program will allow customers to be personally linked to a charitable cause by their donation of the meal product.
What is the new product and how will it be used?
The XANGO Meal Pack is a meal replacement product that is the first step out of starvation. A dry powder formulation for the severely malnourished, it helps to strengthen those who cannot properly digest solid food due to long periods of poverty, famine and other disasters. The XANGO Meal Pack is an innovative product formulation that is effective in meeting basic nutritional needs by simply adding water.
Why has XANGO chosen to focus on hunger as an issue?
There are many issues facing the children and families of the world, yet hunger continues to be one of the most prevalent and long-lasting crises affecting the world population. XANGO, as a company committed to improving quality of life, has looked at the hunger epidemic and in response has created a proprietary formula that can help address this devastating and widespread issue. The XANGO Meal Pack not only has the ability to ease the suffering of those who experience severe malnutrition but can, in the end, help save countless lives.
What is in the formula?
Oat Flour, Sugar, non-fat dry milk, non dairy creamer, Salt and *Vitamin/mineral Mix

*Vitamin/mineral mix includes: Vitamin A Palmitate, ascorbic acid, Thiamine Mononitrate,Riboflavin, Niacinamide, Cholecalciferol, dl-alpha-tocopheryl Acetate, PyridoxineHydrochloride, Folic Acid, cyanocobalamin, biotin, potassium iodide, zinc oxide,reduced iron, copper gluconate, Calcium d-pantothenate
Is the purchase of the XANGO Meal Pack considered tax deductible?
XANGO is not a registered charitable organization. Please consult your personal financial advisor or tax consultant.
What records will I receive to track my purchase?
XANGO’s third-party distributor of the Meal Pack has committed to providing year-end summaries of all purchases made through the program.
Can a customer purchase the XANGO Meal Pack in the name of someone or as a gift on behalf of someone?
Yes, the XANGO Meal Pack can be purchased in the name of someone else and/or as a gift on the behalf of someone else. With each purchase of the Meal Pack, the customer will receive a gifting card by email that can be sent out as a recognition of the gift.
Where will it be distributed?
The product will be regularly distributed throughout the world where significant need is identified. Check the distribution map regularly to see which countries are benefiting from your XANGO Meal Pack purchases.
Who will be distributing the XANGO Meal Pack to the different areas of the world?
XANGO has partnered with AmeriCares to ensure the delivery of XANGO Meal Packs where they are most needed. For nearly three decades AmeriCares has worked through strategic partnerships to provide more than $8 billion USD of aid to 137 countries.
Can a customer request that the product be distributed to a certain area or region of the world?
Since the meal pack is distributed in bulk to the most needy areas of the world, individual requests are not possible.
How can we be sure that a donation reaches the intended recipient?
Our third-party distribution company, AmeriCares, follows uncompromising security procedures which assure that donated Meal Packs are delivered to the designated beneficiaries and not diverted

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Quantity:  Gives 40 meals.
$120 wholesale