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Oxygen is Vital

Poor circulation and constricted blood vessels limit oxygen to the body, slowing a variety of bodily functions. As a result of poor oxygen circulation, we oſten feel sluggish — affecting our mental and physical performance.

Increase Body Circulation

XALO Ignite is an exclusive vasodilator that allows optimal body oxygen levels. Scientifically formulated ingredients promote increased exercise duration, accelerated post-exercise recovery and improved mental acuity — keeping you on top of your game.

Nutrient Delivery

Specially-formulated key ingredients to help your blood vessels relax and dilate, delivering critical nutrients and oxygen for peak performance of your muscles, tissues, and organs. Enhanced oxygen circulation allows for increased athletic and cognitive performance.

  • Promotes oxygen and nutrient delivery, while supporting muscle growth and enhanced cardiovascular performance*
  • Supports superior exercise performance and accelerated recovery*
  • Formulated L-Arginine to encourage optimal body-oxygen circulation, aiding mental acuity and endurance.*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Heidi L.

I feel it before I'm even done the glass. Going into a day alone with a busy toddler on three hours of sleep means I need ignite or I won't make it!

Eva B.

Love my Ignite! Helps with energy and great side benefits!

Carol P.

I have taken this regularly for over a year now…last week in a hurry, left without it…oh man…my body crashed…to say nothing of my mind!!!!!

Tanya O.

I have a great "IGNITE" story I would like to share with you. On Friday I was working with my brother who was doing a 2 week reno on a old dusty house, he was stuffed up and congested. I happen to have my Ignite with me so I mixed him up a glass and told him to drink it. He was a little sceptic, because he had been taking over the counter medication everday and it wasn't helping. I explained to him what the ignite would do and he said "if this works I will buy some off you right now." Well, within 15 minutes he was breathing clear and wasn't stuffed up! He was totally amazed by the instant result. Needless to say he is a believer and wants some Ignite! I love being able to help people feel better, it's so rewarding!

Bill C.

Love Ignite but don’t shake it! The shaking is bad because it destroys the nitrous oxide enzymes. If you're mixing ignite and limitless, do the limitless first shaking well and then the ignite slowly.

Lisa C.

It helps me so much with my circulation!

David W.

Limitless and Ignite mixed together…hot dang…I'm not sure how anyone can't be drinking this stuff?! Tastes awesome and does the body good!! I normally do Limitless and Reload together…but I'll be adding Ignite more often!

Cat P.

I’ve noticed a major improvement. I've been dealing with soreness and circulation issues since Dec. 2012. It was just continuing to get worse. Started drinking Ignite twice a day in June (yah I know duh why not sooner...but I didn't even connect the two until then) Anyway MAJOR improvement and I'm down to 2 Aleve and not every day!! Color me relieved.

Meredith S.

Feels like turbo engines on my shoes when I walk the treadmill!

Anthony P.

My quality of life is much improved with XANGO Juice, Xalo, and Ignite.

Ruthy M. T.

I get through a very intense 1 hour Kettlebell workout with energy to spare.

Amber B.

It helps me as Mum COMPLETELY clear that 'brain fog' that comes with having children so that I can function properly (just to be able to think straight is awesome!! lol) and enjoy my children! Double it with limitless and P.O.W!!

Cheryl P.

IGNITE has helped me so much. I wasn’t sure if I could take it because of a health condition I have but it’s actually made it so much better. I love the way I feel with it!

Helen V.

Just taking my Ignite, Bone Health and Cleanse with cold water before bed. Ignite helps me with sleep better and when I take it during the day, definitely more energy. My Dad just started taking it so will keep you posted.

Life is for living.

XALO is designed to make your good days longer and your hard days better. Our all-natural formulas focus on the causes of exhaustion, aging and daily wear and tear to let the prime of your life continue indefinitely.

XALO offers premier anti-aging products designed to address and even reduce the aging process holistically. The XALO product line includes Ageless, Limitless, Reload and Ignite. Brimming with ingredients found only in nature each one of our product formulations is specifically designed to help your body function at its best, naturally.Each product is based on the wholesome benefits of mangosteen and work together to increase your energy, stamina, muscle regeneration and help you regain that overall youthful feeling.

Getting older isn't a choice. We can't reverse the sands of time. But how we age — whether we choose to do it prematurely or with grace — is something we can control. You only have one body. Start now to reduce the signs of aging and live your life the way you want to. Become ageless, limitless, ignited and reloaded with XALO.

Supplement Facts
What is XALO Ignite?
XALO Ignite is a specially formulated vasodialator that allows you to boost your cardiovascular and exercise performance. Our key ingredients help your blood vessels relax and dilate, delivering more critical nutrients and oxygen to your muscles, tissues and organs for peak performance and anti-aging benefits.*
What are the key ingredients in XALO Ignite?
XALO Ignite features an all-natural blend of L-Arginine, L-Norvaline, L-Citrulline, beet root powder and mangosteen. All support optimal body-oxygen circulation, cardiovascular health, endurance, sexual wellbeing and anti-aging.*
How do I take XALO Ignite?
XALO Ignite is not for everyone. If you are on any heart medication, please consult your health care professional before consuming. For best results, drink 1 scoop mixed with 6–8 oz. of cold water daily. Stir well and drink immediately. Do not shake when mixed.
Can I take XALO Ignite with XANGO® Juice?
Yes. XANGO Juice and XALO Ignite can be taken together.
Can I take FAVAO Ignite with FAVA™ Limitless?
FAVAO Ignite should be taken 1–2 hours after FAVAO Limitless, but both can be consumed on the same day. Both products will give you energy and the effects of Ignite last 1–2 hours.
How often should I use this product?
We advise to take this once a day. For anti-aging benefits, please consume morning or afternoon on a daily basis. For exercise, consume 15 minutes prior to exercise for best results.
Tell me about L-Arginine.
L-Arginine is an amino acid and is a precursor to nitric oxide, a blood vessel-widening agent. It is formulated to increase oxygen circulation in the body, and also promotes optimal athletic performance.
Tell me about L-Norvaline.
L-Norvaline is involved in the increase of NO (nitric oxide) levels in the blood, causing relaxation of the blood vessels.
Tell me about L-Citrulline.
L-Citrulline is a non-essential amino acid that supports arginine content in the body, thus sustaining the benefits of arginine.
Why does FAVAO Ignite include beet root powder?
Naturally high in nitrates, beets allow our blood vessels to relax and widen—a process known as vasodilation. Increased oxygen to the muscles, organs and other tissues allow them to perform at higher intensity.
How much sugar is in XALO Ignite?
XALO Ignite contains 1g of sugar. There is no added sugar.
Is there any caffeine in FAVAO Ignite?
No. There is no caffeine or other stimulant in XALO Ignite.
Is this product all-natural?
Yes, XALO Ignite uses all-natural ingredients to support optimal oxygen circulation within the body.
Are there any safety precautions for FAVAO Ignite?
XALO Ignite was formulated for adult consumption only (18+). We don’t advise consumption of this product without consulting your physician if you’re currently taking any heart medications or blood thinners.

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