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Maintaining is Key

Our bodies need help to maintain the status quo. A tough workout or even just the rigors of daily life can deplete stores of amino acids and other nutrients that keep us feeling and functioning our best.

Fight Daily Wear & Tear

XALO Reload replaces the nutrients stripped from your body by daily living. Our careful formulation delivers key ingredients to help you reduce muscle loss, build lean muscle and increase strength, so you can maximize the benefits of your workout or simply maintain a fit, healthy body.*

The Elements of Recovery

Without a boost of essential nutrients, our bodies can take longer to recover from the simple stresses of twenty-four hours. XALO Reload combines glutamine and BCAAs (muscle tissue repair) with D-ribose (energy restoration) and a coconut water/mangosteen blend (hydration/neutralization of free radicals) to keep you functioning and feeling the way you should, even after a tough workout.*

  • Glutamine and BCAAs aid muscle-tissue repair and reduce muscle breakdown*
  • D-ribose helps regenerate muscles and restore energy promoting a lean and strong physique*
  • Coconut water and mangosteen provides electrolytes and antioxidants, hydrating the muscles and neutralizing free radicals to optimize the muscle strength*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Andrea S.

I mix it up with 12–16 oz. of water and 2-3 oz. of XANGO Juice. YUM. I swear I can feel my body repairing and healing itself with every sip. Reload is my new favorite product! Thanks!

Rachel S.

Camping by the Murray River (in Australia) 46°C or 110°F…I have my Ageless & XANGO Juice however Reload has been the key!! Keeping my family well hydrated while being active.

Anna C.

After a long day with the Grandkids, I could usually count on sore back muscles from lifting them, picking up after them, horsey rides, YUP,horsey rides! I'm a FUN 'Granna'! But now I take a reload before bed and I wake up with no pain! Bring on the Grandkids!!


My husband will be 71 years old in May. He was working on a job that required him to go up and down a ladder numerous times through out the day. It had also snowed pretty heavily that day so he was pushing snow with a shovel and also using his snow blower. When he went to bed that night he started having muscle spasms in his thighs and calves.I literally had to pick him up off the floor. I told him let me get you something that is suppose to help hydrate your muscles and help with the muscle fatigue. I got him a glass of water with Reload added to it. Less than 10 minutes later his spasms were all gone.

Amanda D.

There is a bug going around right now and my 2.5 yr old daughter caught it and last night the symptoms starting showing up. This morning she was lethargic laying on the couch, wouldn't eat or drink anything. Thinking that most people would give their kids gatorade without even thinking about it, I decided to give her a Xalo Reload to see if that would help her. An hour later she is running around the house singing and jumping! Thanks XANGO for such safe products!!

Denet S. H.

My afternoon cocktail is Reload, Ignite, XANGO and water on Ice. Great for an afternoon boost and tired muscles for this Grandma Nanny.

Anne V.

Reload is an amazing product.

Tom W.

The day I got Limitless I decided to try it & go for a run, which I hadn't done in years. Ended up running 3.5 miles. Energy was great but no recovery. Walking down stairs for the next week was comical & painful…Enter Reload…2.5 mile run after not running for several months (1/2 carrying a gallon of milk) . Muscle Recovery was super quick & I was ready to go back at it in 2 days! Ignite—Noticed a significant difference in my cardio performance. It's like having a 3rd lung! It really works!

Renae P.

I honestly wasn't expecting much from a "recovery drink". I'm in my early thirties but I'm not a super athletic kind of person so I didn't really think I'd notice anything after taking it. First of all, the taste of this product is AMAZING. Honestly, I crave it. And after I took it for the first time I could not believe how good I felt the next morning. All of the normal aches and pains I've grown so used to that I hardly even register them anymore—were gone! AND, I know it's weird but after taking it everyday for a few months now, I can really feel my muscle tone improving. I had my third baby 6 months ago and I've already gotten back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. Reload was the only thing I've done differently. I love it!

Laura G.

I’m in my fifties and starting to get back in shape so I bought a bike. Went on an 8 mile ride right after buying it and was sure that I would be too sore to even walk the next day. Took Reload right after my work out and nothing. No soreness at all! I couldn’t believe it. This stuff really works. I won’t exercise without it!

Life is for living.

XALO is designed to make your good days longer and your hard days better. Our all-natural formulas focus on the causes of exhaustion, aging and daily wear and tear to let the prime of your life continue indefinitely.

XALO offers premier anti-aging products designed to address and even reduce the aging process holistically. The XALO product line includes Ageless, Limitless, Reload and Ignite. Brimming with ingredients found only in nature each one of our product formulations is specifically designed to help your body function at its best, naturally.Each product is based on the wholesome benefits of mangosteen and work together to increase your energy, stamina, muscle regeneration and help you regain that overall youthful feeling.

Getting older isn't a choice. We can't reverse the sands of time. But how we age — whether we choose to do it prematurely or with grace — is something we can control. You only have one body. Start now to reduce the signs of aging and live your life the way you want to. Become ageless, limitless, ignited and reloaded with XALO.

Supplement Facts
What is XALO Reload?
XALO™ Reload provides you with key ingredients designed to build lean muscle, increase strength and reduce muscle loss. It’s the go-to recovery supplement that curbs the wear and tear of daily living. Promote a lean and strong physique.*
What are the key ingredients in XALO Reload?
XALO Reload features an all-natural blend of Glutamine, BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), D-ribose, Mangosteen powder and coconut water.
How do I take XALO Reload?
XALO Reload can be taken at any time, but is best taken right after exercise to reduce soreness. Mix 1 scoop with 10-12 oz. of water.
Can I take XALO Reload with XANGO® Juice?
Yes. XALO Reload can be taken with XANGO Juice.
How much caffeine is in XALO Reload?
There is no caffeine in XALO Reload.
What is Glutamine and how does my body benefit from it?
Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid (building block of protein) in the body. The body can make enough glutamine for its regular needs, but after stress (exercise, normal wear and tear) your body may need more glutamine than it can make. Glutamine is important because it removes excess ammonia (a common waste product in the body), helps your immune system function and appears to be needed for normal brain function and digestion.*
What are branched-chain amino acids?
Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs - leucine, isoleucine and valine) are among the nine essential amino acids for humans, accounting for 35% of the essential amino acids in muscle proteins and 40% of the pre-formed amino acids required by mammals. Branched-chain amino acids are used to reduce protein and muscle breakdown and improve exercise performance.*
Why is D-Ribose included in the formula?
D-Ribose supports the body’s natural process of energy synthesis. It helps to reduce the loss of energy during stress and accelerates energy and tissue recovery. D-Ribose helps muscles regenerate lost energy and potentially minimizes any physiological consequences of energy depletion.*
Why does XALO Reload include coconut water?
Coconut water contains naturally-occurring electrolytes that hydrate the body. When your body is properly hydrated, it will function at its best.
Do I have to be exercising to take XALO Reload?
No. XALO Reload can be taken at any time and benefits muscle recovery from normal wear and tear. This product may benefit the elderly who experience muscle loss due to inactivity
How much sugar is in XALO Reload?
XALO Reload does not contain any added sugar, it is lightly sweetened with stevia.
Is this product all-natural?
Yes, XALO Reload uses all-natural ingredients. XALO Reload does not contain artificial colors or sweeteners.
Is this product gluten-free?
Yes, XALO Reload is gluten-free
Do I need to take XALO Reload with food?
No, you do not need to take XALO Reload with food.

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