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Your Skin Deserves the Very Best

The complete skincare system from Glimpse offers a signature collection for daily care, all customizable to your specific skin type, making it radiate with a powerful health only achievable from the mangosteen.

Glimpse® Intuitive Skin Care

This essential system of skin-care products (Gel or Creamy cleanser, toner and moisturizer) addresses your skin’s varying daily needs by soothing and calming the skin, promoting natural luminosity and safeguarding against aging and the oxidizing effects of free radicals.

Glimpse® is non-toxic, topical nutrition designed to promote younger, firmer skin.

Glimpse® Mangosteen Essential Oils

Master aromatherapists have blended the mangosteen pericarp oil with holistic essential oils to create aromatheraputic blends to powerfully elevate mood and well-being.

Elevate the senses and restore balance with i am xango. Lift mood and increase energy with i am vitality.

Glimpse Luminescence Collection

The Luminescence Collection allows you to amplify and personalize the power of the mangosteen’s topical antioxidant protection. Luminescence Pericarp Oil and Brighten bathe your skin in luxurious amounts of pure mangosteen, and form an intensely soothing, satisfying and age-defying elixir.

Glimpse Mineral Treatment

The exquisitely crafted blend of Glimpse Mineral Treatment unites BioActive X3 Complex with zinc oxide, oat protein powder, silk powder, bio-chelated minerals and our own Energizing Gemstone Complex for a foundation that enhances your natural beauty while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and minimizing the appearance of pores. Protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays, guard your health and benefit our planet with this elegant blend of nature—available in four shades for seamless blending: sheer, light, medium and deep.